Online Leads, How To Know Which Ones You Should Call…

Getting leads online, whatever activity you’re in, is not complicated. It actually requires very little to start with. All you need is a good marketing sytem that can help you in creating a simple squeeze-page with an opt-in box, connect it with an autoresponder service such as GetResponse, Aweber or iContact, and you’re in business. Then you need to make that page visible. Google Pay Per Click will get you leads right away, and you can go from there. Refine your Pay-Per-Click expertise and reduce your cost, and then learn new strategies as you go.

What’s more important, and somewhat more tricky, is what takes place next. When you’re receiving a massive amount of leads, knowing who’s hot and who’s not can be complicated. Get this part right and you will be profitable. Get this wrong and you’ll waste a lot of energy and time.

To start with, we want to go back to our squeeze page, and make sure it’s really matching with our marketing message and our activity. If we have a website that is too broad, we’ll get more leads, but filtering them is going to be difficult. Too narrow and we’ll get no leads. We need to review this trough and get the balance right. When designing your page, think: Could one out of three or more of those viewing this page definitely get excited with the products and services I offer. If I called them up, would I be able to put together an offer they couldn’t say no to…

The next thing, is to filter those who we have a good chance of doing business with, from the time-wasters. An obvious way to do that is to ask for our leads’ phone numbers. If you see a prospect opt in with a compliant, well separated telephone number, chances are they are committed to the idea of your product. You can choose to make it compulsory for people to enter their telephone number, and it’s fine to do that, but if you let them decide, you’ll in fact have a clearer view of that person’s inclination to interact.

Another fantastic way of filtering is to take your leads to a questionnaire, immediately after they’ve keyed-in their details. This is a very powerful strategy. You can easily create online application forms, one nice site for that is called Formsite. Have a 1 page form that’s easy and quick to fill, with 1 or 2 open questions at the very end. You then get to decide who you you think it’s worth to call.

After that you will start a traditional follow-up logic. If you’re an affiliate marketer, you won’t need to do this. But if you’re in any other case, whether traditional or MLM, calling people is a requirement to close a deal. It will take 5 to 12 times where your prospect is exposed to you, whether they are thoroughly reading an email, or having a conversation with you, to come to a decision.

Now that you know who to talk to, that you’re leveraging on your auto-responder to handle some of the follow-up for you, the rest should be easy. See your business grow and start taking action today.

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