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Las Vegas has nothing on online gambling. I don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on flights, a hotel room and a rental car when I can just pop open a cold one, open up the Compaq Presario and get to stomping fools in a the Hold ‘Em Room. One interesting thing about online gambling that is much different than Vegas of course is your ability, or lack there of, to size up your competition. Luckily, Stonewashed Casino’s real time video conference feed gambling system allows you to do just that.

This ability to read someone’s actual body language is what sets the Stonewashed Casinos online gambling portal a cut above the rest. When I used to play at more second rate portal’s, I honestly was not making nearly as much money. When I can actually look into someone’s eyes, I can get a lot better idea as to whether or not they are trying to BS me. And reading the BS signals are what Hold ‘Em is all about!

Before Stonewashed Casinos, I was looking anywhere and everywhere for a dependable online gambling portal where I could endeavor into the depths of my vices late into the wee hours of the morning. I was just another miserable married guy with nothing to look forward to every night except diapers full of feces, screaming babies, and a nagging wife. Then I found Stonewashed Casinos, and I honestly feel like I am back in college again.

The video feed makes gambling on Stonewashed Casinos a lot like being back in the Frat House, talking crap with the boys, throwing money around like its nobodies business. There is a fun sense of camaraderie that you get even though you are all trying to take each others money. I guess it is not dissimilar to the same feeling you have when you are trying to kill your buddies in online gaming shoot ’em ups. Anyways, when I am logged in to the video feed, I almost forget I threw away my sense of self to placate societal norms (ie, got married).

So, maybe by now you are seeing through the real me. I’d obviously prefer to be in Vegas, bagging scandalous women, throwing my money down the drain and engaging in Felonious activity. But alas I am married, so I can’t. Thank the heavens for online gambling and thank Stonewashed Casinos for their amazing online video feed gambling portal.

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