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The Internet is a busy place, and there’s so much going on in there. A lot of people ask me what I do on the Internet to keep myself entertained, so I decided to write about it with the hopes of giving you all some direction.

Websites like Digg and StumbleUpon are awesome when you’re searching for something fast and silly. They’re both great ways to find arbitrary and amusing articles that you can link to your friends and put on Twitter and what not. Sometimes it’s cool to pick a channel on StumbleUpon. You can select channels such as MSN or Wikipedia and just get linked to articles on those websites.

Online gambling is always fun to do. I’m an older, married man with kids and I can’t make it to Vegas every weekend like I used to. I can play Blackjack, Poker, and slots all from the comfort of my bed. I find that I win even more money when I don’t have to worry about the Vegas atmosphere. That just stresses me out.

One simple thing that’s fun to do is to join a bunch of forums. Forums are areas for Internet users around the world to host discussions and conversations on boards. There are millions and millions of forums and boards on millions of different websites. I think I am a member of about 20 different forums, each corresponding to a different hobby of mine. I’m on music forums, specifically classic rock and electric guitar forums. It’s great because whenever I have a question about a new purchase about a guitar or whatever, I can go online and ask. I usually get some great answers, but of course there are some real assholes on these things so be careful.

So whether you’re Online gambling or just wasting some time on Digg, there’s something for everyone on the Internet. Get out there and explore!

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