Online Gambling – Not My Cup Of Tea

Don’t get me wrong; I love playing cards. I compete in everything from Blackjack to Poker to Bridge. You name it and I play it. My issue however is that I am not a good online gambler. I can go to Atlantic City and clean house in a few hours but for some reason online gambling and I don’t work out so well. It’s not the best relationship.

When I’m playing online, I tend to lose power. I feel that because I’m behind a computer screen, I can bet as much as I want whenever I feel. This is probably because I don’t have the normal gambling, Atlantic City-like surroundings that keep me in bounds. I tend to lose a lot this way.

One time, I was playing a few rounds of Texas on some random gambling site. Four hours into the game I was down 2,000 dollars but I kept going. I was in that poker room for another three hours and I had lost another grand. Usually, if I was in Vegas, I would know when to cap it, but I couldn’t control myself online. I was also getting much more frustrated and it was contributing to my losses. Staring at a screen can really get the best of you.

Another problem with online gambling is that it really doesn’t work if you have a slow Internet connection. I hate having to deal with the constant reconnecting, booting, lagging, etc. Imagine playing a game like “Starcraft” or “World of Warcraft” while having a bad connection, it can’t be done. I usually try to go to an Internet Caf or somewhere where the connection is fast.

On top of all this, it sucks not to have all the personal interaction that real life card playing brings. There’s nothing like sippin’ on some brews with your best guys, smoking fatty cigars and blunts and getting super trashed before going home to the Mrs. You just can’t get that with online stuff. Maybe in the future, when virtual reality gets crackin’.

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