Online Dating Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive

I recently heard that 40% of singles are members of an online dating site. Since there are about 100 million single people in the US, the online dating market is huge. Just watch TV these days, and you’ll see tons of commercials for sites like Come to think of it, I see more ads for online dating than I do for any other kind of Internet site.

So it comes as no surprise that dating sites charge quite a bit. Subscriptions can run you, on average, anywhere from thirty to sixty dollars a month. That’s not exactly cheap, if you ask me. Some people wonder if there are any methods for getting a better price at dating sites. The answer, fortunately, is yes.

It goes without saying that buying a longer term memberships will cost you less per month. Let’s use Eharmony as an example. Did you know that you can get up to an Eharmony discount of up to 65% off regular monthly rates simply by signing up for twelve months?

You might be thinking that you won’t need 12 months to find your match, but even with a 6 month plan, you could get an Eharmony discount of 50%. And we’re not even counting the extra Eharmony discounts that can be gotten by acquiring a web coupon (more on that later).

You can find similar discounts at other dating sites. Sites like offer a 50% discount for people who subscribe for 6 months. Additional discounts are also available from various coupon websites.

In short, there are two quick and easy ways to save a bit of cash when you sign up for dating sites. Buy several months of membership at a time, and search for web coupons like the ones you will find at this coupon site. Use these methods to save some extra cash. You can even spend the money you save to go on fancier dates.

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