One Tremendous Food And Wine Event: The Great Taste Challenge Is On!

Have you heard about this absolutely amazing food and wine event called The Great Taste Challenge?

It’s all about people from all over the US getting their favorite recipes and pairing them up with their favorite wines.

From start to finish the entire thing is done on video. The ingredients used, how they’re prepared, how the stove is set and then how the meal is actually created. All done for everyone to see and it is an absolute blast!

And the response as far as entries has never been more vibrant.

The entire idea is that there are no rules any more when it comes to how you match your favorite dishes with your favorite wines.

A red wine does not necessarily have to go with a beef dish.

And who says a chicken or a fish needs to be paired with a white wine?

In fact The Great Taste Challenge is all about expressionism and individuality. What do YOU believe is the best wine to pair with your best recipe? That’s really what’s brought to the surface here…what do you think is best?

And you can see just how passionate the entrants are with their dishes and with their pairing choices.

And now comes the really exciting part.

Now you get to go and watch those videos and vote on the one or ones that you love the most!

This is the real social part of the contest. This is where everyone else gets to sift through the semi finalists and decide who should move on to possibly win the grand prize! How American Idol cool is that?

What a tremendous food and wine event. And also one that you can vote on this year and participate in next year!

Make sure you look out for more info about The Great Taste Challenge and never lose your passion for those recipes and those wine pairings!!!

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