Omega 3 – An Incredible High Blood Pressure Medication

According to certain stats nearly 25% of USA population is suffering from high blood pressure. Sadly this trouble is becoming more prevalent amongst the youth. What are the very best methods of treat this condition?

A few of the Choices

1. There is an array of medications that are employed for dealing with high blood-pressure and these are called anti hypertensive agents. There are numerous factors which must be considered prior to starting an agent for the patient, which include side effects, current health concerns and its simplicity of use.

2. Modifying your diet.

3. Doing more exercises.

Despite the fact that the solutions pointed out here are excellent, the first solution should be your last resort. The best high blood pressure medication is omega 3 which is extracted from fish oil. In a research conducted it was seen that omega 3 deficiency during prenatal period might lead to hypertension later in life. These studies indicate one important thing – omega 3 fatty acids reduce blood-pressure and the affect is greater in hypertensive patients or those who have high-normal blood-pressure. The optimum dose of these fatty acids required to achieve reduced blood-pressure should be at least 3-4 g/day.

Even though most of blood pressure improvements could be accomplished by simply reducing your salt consumption, it can also be controlled by incorporating omega 3 fatty acids in your weight reduction programs. It’s also extremely possible that with increased intake of omega-3 essential fatty acid as a part of your dietary change along with increased intake of fruits and vegetables and moderate consumption of salt will result in significant cardiovascular benefits.

Improved Blood Pressure Control in Heart Transplant Patients with Hypertension

Omega 3 is regarded as very best high blood pressure medication for patients who have had a heart transplant. Hypertension is one of the most complicated issues associated with men and women which qualify for heart transplant surgery. If omega-3 is given to such patients, blood pressure level stabilizing outcomes can be seen. As a matter of fact treatment with these essential fatty acids will help in lowering blood pressure after heart transplant making them potentially very attractive cure for post surgery hypertension.

Combining Omega 3 capsules together with Exercises Increases Cardiovascular Disease Risk Aspects

If you combine regular workouts and at the same time use omega 3 fatty acids, then that becomes the most effective high blood pressure medication. Fish oils boost cardiovascular and metabolic health and if you incorporate these in your life-style modifications, they might be more effective than the treatment on it’s own. This is because fish oil supplements lower the bad cholesterol levels and increase your good cholesterol, while enhancing blood flow in your body. Along with exercises, fish oils also cut down excess fat.

Based on facts here, it is very clear that best high blood pressure medicine is omega 3 from fish oil. In short you can say that these fatty acids possess anti-hypertensive qualities also apart from a long list of other qualities. Hence if you’re using fish oils for some other reason also, it is likely that even your blood pressure is benefiting as well.

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