OKI MC360 Multifunction Device: Facts From Real Life Testing

The OKI Printing Solutions Company is the pioneer in LED printing technology and has a reputation of a manufacturer of reliable printers and multifunction devices.

Let’s take a closer look at OKI MC360, a one-pass all-in-one printer based on the LED printing technology. This model is proposed to work in small working groups, particularly thanks to its of printing speed: 20 and 16 pages per minute in monochrome and color modes, respectively.

As it was mentioned, the printer is designed for small working groups, where awkward machines are usual. The casing of the MFP is manufactured of strong plastic of white and gray. All panels are uncolored, with a coarse exterior, which makes the body completely dirt-proof. Absence of shining elements makes the casing very usable. In total, the model looks solid and trustable.

On the face of printer, there is a hinged envelope feeder with the ability to adjust the size of the inserted media. At the bottom is the main tray that allows you to set different media formats and can accommodate up to 250 sheets.

The topmost part of the frontal pane holds the USB port for flash drives. The control panel with a small monochrome LCD screen is also located there. The printer does not have separate output tray, the printer’s top doubles for that purpose and can receive up to 150 sheets.

At the bottom of the back pane, there are USB and RJ-45 ports, a couple of RJ-11, intended to attach the line and telephone, and the power socket. There is also a ventilation grill and a door that conceals the paper pulling system.

There are two methods of connecting the OKI MC360 to a desktop: over USB and over LAN. USB connection only requires selecting the desired kind of connection and critical drivers. LAN connection first requires selecting the connection type and specifying the IP-address of the printer. LAN connection enables not only printing, but also scanning and faxing.

For business printer, the resolution of the scanner is high enough, up to 4800 dpi. Of course, a printer designed for working groups is equipped with auto document feeder of enlarged volume: it may hold up to 50 sheets.

The warm up time of the scanner is quite fast – just 2 seconds, and if the device is into sleep mode, the warm up time increases up to 6 seconds, which isn’t much either. The performance is impressive, but not limited to high-speed scanning: if the transmission channel is not handling the volume of data, then scanning process is not suspended, but uploaded to memory and is then completed in normal mode.

The time required for the OKI MC360 to get ready for work is relatively small. The duration of heating, even when exiting sleep mode does not exceed 60 seconds, and in power saving mode the heating time is no more than 40 seconds. Removing the jammed paper is very simple, because the rear has a door hiding the pulling mechanism, and the insides are removed in seconds.

In monochrome mode, the printer produces 20 pages per minute, just like the manufacturer states. When printing in color mode, the first page comes out in 12 seconds, and the average printing speed of one page is 3.7 seconds. Again, this figure is consistent with the specifications declared by the manufacturer, the 16 pages per minute.

The copying is one of the most crucial functions when MFP used in the working groups, thus all multi-purpose devices are equipped with it. OKI MC360 MFP allows you to make black-and-white and color copies. There are many preferences for the office-centered printer; you can choose one of four quality modes, paper size; set and cancel margins, change boundaries, adjust toner intensity, etc.

The real life performance of the OKI MC360 MFP has proved to be good. The pluses are convenient control, network connectivity, ease of toner replacement wide variety of programs, web-based interface, very fast scanning and fast printing.

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