Off-Season Wedding Receptions Are Affordable And Beautiful

The most popular time for a wedding is during the summer. Having an outdoor element to a wedding is one of the most important factors for a lot of couples, which is why the summer months are packed across most of the country. To ensure you get the destination you desire for your wedding may mean a lot of advance planning. In some instances, it could be years before the church you’ve always dreamed of being in married in is available.

Venues aren’t the only over-taxed segment of the wedding industry during the summer. Vendors, photographers and wedding planners are filling their calendars the fall or winter before.

By booking off-season you can be almost guaranteed the setting you want and your prices are going to be a lot cheaper than during the full swing of wedding season. If you are willing to be flexible about dates and seasons, you can have your pick of the best in the industry and when they aren’t in demand they are much more willing to negotiate their prices.

Vendors and venues both drop prices after their busy season. They are interested in booking business year-round, but they understand that the wedding industry isn’t steady year-round venture. More people are open to price negotiation in the off-season.

Just like wedding locations, you can also find a good price on wedding dresses if you’re okay wearing last season’s dress or a dress that has gone out of production. When stores stock up on new dresses in the spring and fall, they need to clean out the older stock to make room and this is where the deals come in.

While you may be able to get a dress for a lot less at this time of year, the variety may not be as vast as during popular seasons. Just like any retail store, during the lean times of the year, they tend to carry less stock. The more they have that doesn’t sell, the more they have to discount when new lines come in. Also remember that it takes months to get a dress made and fitted, so be sure to calculate that into your schedule.

Everything seems to drop in price after prime holiday travel, including airfare. Airlines up their prices when they know the most people will be traveling – it’s how they make money. If you have a lot of out-of-town guests, then try scheduling your wedding during a time prices have come down.

If you want to cut your budget but still have the perfect venue, then consider an off-season wedding. You have more flexibility and more options to make your day as fabulous as it should be.

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