The New York City housing court system comprises 5 regional branches for every one of the 5 boroughs of Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Staten Island, and the Bronx. Cases are heard dependent on the positioning of the home concerned.

Queens housing court is located in the Jamaica neighborhood of the county, in a comparatively new building with modern architecture. Seventeen judges hear around two hundred cases a day, though often a case will be pushed back for another day due to various reasons.

Unlike what one may suspect, in a common situation one does not straight away go to trial, but first engages in what is commonly known as resolution, a process whereby the court attempts to bring the 2 disputing parties together in agreement so as to avert an actual trial. The court hopes to cut down on its workload and backlog, of course, but this is an entirely reasonable step in the interests of fairness.

Oftentimes the entire reason a situation is at court to begin with is that communication and trust has completely broken down, or that viewpoints are so irreconcilable that an independent third party’s point of view becomes required. Unlike what one may imagine from watching television, housing cases do not often involve juries, and are nearly always arbitrated by the judge alone.

therefore just as often as not a case continues onto a trial itself. In the resolution phase, a court solicitor, who works for the judge, will hear out the 2 parties and try to broker a settlement. If that’s not possible , a trial date is set, but due to backlog it can be weeks before the problem is revisited. Depending on the exact circumstances, it may be in either the tenant’s or the landlord’s or both, even best interests to avoid trial and agree on the spot.

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