Nurses: Giving Their Best For Others

Unless you have been on a deserted island your whole life, chances are good you have needed the care of nurses at some time in your life. Those in this profession give their best, so that others can regain or keep their health. Many times a doctor is given the glory, while the care given by the nurse is ignored. Whether you encounter a nurse in the office of a doctor or in a hospital, never forget how important they are to your care.

The job of nursing is very hard. Since there are more nursing positions than there are people to fill them, they are finally getting a little break with their salaries. Doctors and hospitals have been forced to give them monetary incentives to try to entice them to work for them. No matter what their salary, however, the workers in this profession provide a service that is truly priceless.

Nursing can be done at many levels. Higher levels require more education. The higher level achieved, the higher the responsibilities of the job. There are nursing assistants, LPNs (licensed practical nurse), and RNs (Registered Nurse.) At every level, the person has been trained to do his or her best to provide the best care possible to the patients.

Some have chosen to work in specialty areas. They can work for a private practice, in an emergency room, or in any other medical specialized area. Wherever, they decide to work, there is a never ending need for their services.

No matter what their rank or specialty, the ultimate goal of any good nurse is to give excellent patient care. When you go to see your doctor, she is the first one you see. She gets background information for the doctor. If a doctor has a good nurse, his job is much easier. She saves him a lot of valuable time.

If you have ever had the trauma of visiting a hospital emergency room, the nurse is there first to care for you. She helps prepare you to see a doctor, as well as, getting valuable information to give the attending physician. She sees to your comfort both before and after you talk with the doctor. She oversees any needed test to make sure you are given just what the doctor ordered.

Once admitted to a hospital room, chances are there she is there waiting for you to get all the needed information for the doctor. You will see the doctor for only a few short minutes a day, but there is a nurse there for you at all times. She will respond to all your needs no matter how small or large. She gives you the care you need to improve. If you should need surgery, the nurse is there as soon as you wake up. She has literally been watching over you to make sure there are no complications.

Even though nurses are vital to your care, they do not usually get the praise they should. Most, however, are not looking for accolades. They just want to do the best nurse practitioner jobs they can to help their patients to a fast recovery. However, the next time a nurse gives you good care, why not tell her how much you appreciate her work. After all, a good nurse deserves no less.

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