Notification of a suspicious tracker and an audible alarm — how does anti-surveillance protection work in AirTag beacons

If you throw the Airtag tracker to another person, their iPhone will report someone else’s tag nearby — but this does not happen immediately.

In April 2021, Apple introduced AirTag beacons — they can be used to find items that the user has lost in the room.
This beacon was received by the product manager Denis Shiryaev decided to test how Apple protected users from those who want to “follow” other people without their knowledge — for example, by throwing a tracker in a backpack or bag.
He agreed with his friend and “threw” him an activated beacon. What came out of it:

While a person gets home in the “Locator” app, you can track their route.
Five minutes later, the iPhone receives a notification that ” an AirTag has been detected nearby, your movements may be visible to someone else.”
If you open the notification, the user will see a map of “compromised” movements. It shows the information that the person who tried to follow the tracker sees. It also displays information about the time and place when the tracker was dropped.

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