Nothing ear Wireless Headphones Review(1) – Cool sound for 99 bucks!

Finally I got transparent headphones Nothing ear(1) for 99 bucks. The sound is amazing!
Transparent headphones Nothing ear(1) at one time caused a stir on the Internet.
In the investors of Nothing, such faces as:
Tony Fadell – one of the developers of the iPod;
Casey Neistat – youtuber and creator of the series “The Neistat Brothers” (HBO);
Steve Huffman is the chief executive officer of Reddit.
Successful marketing with intrigue, an affordable price of 99 bucks did their job and the headset was sold out a few days after the start of sales. Now it can only be ordered on eBay and there the price tag jumps from $ 105 to $ 400.
I managed to become lucky and get my Nothing ear(1) right now, so I’m in a hurry to share my impressions. After all, there is something to tell about.
Aesthetics of transparency
The headphones have an incredible design. In fact, there’s something fascinating about seeing what’s inside your device. It’s like becoming Superman and getting X-ray vision, or living in the world of Oblivion.
The square-shaped case resembles a gift box. Not to say that he is a kapets how comfortable in his hands and like AirPods you will not open it with one thumb, because there are such bad magnets. But the manufacturer steamed up to make a recess for comfortable carrying in the hand.
The size is a bit smaller than AirPods Pro. If Nothing had painted their headphones white, they would have passed for a high-quality fake, but they are more interesting transparent.
Included cable, instructions, two pairs of ear pads. The whole thing is packed in small black boxes.

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