Northstar Contracting Inc. offers Unique Solutions for your Business

The experience of renovation with Northstar Contracting Inc. is a very positive one and quite unique from other commercial contractors. The Northstar Contracting Team creates simple, low cost solutions for any number of changes (paint, cabinets, ceiling, flooring, etc). We recognize our client’s need to keep their business open and generating revenue. Northstar has developed a ‘pit crew approach’ where we can come in after closing, work through the evening and create a major change in time for our client to open the next morning.

Commercial building can be done only by a licensed, specialized contractor and Northstar Contracting lives up to the mark. The primary challenge in tackling commercial codes lies in the fact that they are more restrictive than the residential varieties. To a considerable extent, the case for commercial codes is vital due to the need for public safety for clients and their patrons. Commercial codes include ADA requirements, fire safety precautions, public wear and tear from flooring to glass to HVAC to electrical and plumbing among many others.

Building maintenance is a fast growing portion of our business. This includes local sites where bank teller lines are damaged and in need of repair, interior damage to retail stores, graffiti removal, modular furniture renovations, and water damage repair, etc.

We Ensure Operational Ease

A good commercial builder recognizes that once our portion of the project is completed, our client has to move in, change utilities, employee and customer notification and all take time. Therefore it is critically important to agree to deadlines and make them happen regardless of issues that can arise during the process. Northstar Contracting is staffed by able, skilled and professional members who are ready to put in their best efforts into any project. Rest assured that your task is taken care of in the best way possible and is completed on time.

It is common to have a client come to us during the build out with a change request because something has changed on their end or perhaps something looks quite different completed than it did on the approved plan. We are flexible at accommodating such requests as cost effectively as possible.

We offer hard, fixed estimates or time and material estimates including full disclosure of our costs with each project. This is a transparency seldom seen in the ‘testosterone laden’ construction world.

Why Northstar?

Northstar have been successfully making businesses beautiful since 1987 and today the brand is associated with aesthetic appeal and value added beauty. The name is synonymous with value minded business solutions that can beautify and embellish an establishment. We can work with you at finding solutions that will attract clients to your front door.

The Northstar Team is comprised of members with a diverse level of skill sets allowing us to ‘self-perform’ a large number of tasks. The list includes:

–      Framing; wood and steel; insulation

–      Ceiling grids and tiles

–      Install gypsum, mud/finish

–      Prime & paint

–      Carpentry; trim, moldings,

–      Full cabinet shop, working with veneers, laminates, complete stain shop

–      Custom built tables, booths, buffets, reception counters, etc.

–      We are the licensed Herman Miller installer for the Social Security Admin in the State of Wisconsin. We can dismantle and reinstall all modular furniture systems.

We utilize endorsed subcontractors that will perform the tasks beautifully, on time and on budget. If we are general contractor, we will guarantee their work or they won’t be on the job.

Finally, we can take on small jobs and larger jobs. Our smallest invoice has been $25.00 while our largest project exceeded $788,000.00 when completed.

Give Northstar a chance to ‘make your business beautiful’ and differentiate your business from your competition at a great value.

Northstar Contracting, Inc.

1750 Hamilton Court

Little Chute, WI  54140

Phone Number: 920-687-9472

Fax Number:  920-687-9473

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