Nordic Track Elliptical Trainers: Are They A Good Choice?

If you want an elliptical machine that you can use in your home, you might be curious about Nordic track elliptical reviews. NordicTrack makes machines that range from about $600 to $2,000 which is considered low to mid-range. There are available online as well as at Sears stores.

Several NordicTrack elliptical machines will allow you to adjust the incline so that different muscles can be worked out. This can give you a better cardio workout in the bargain. There are also some which have adjustable strides. This also allows more lower body muscles to be worked out. For a stride range that is even greater, there is the FreeStride which features a range as great as 35 inches. This machine is a kind of cross between the elliptical and the step machine.

NordicTrack has an interesting piece of technology called iFIT. The technology features a series of workout cards that are designed by personal trainers. The cards come in four different categories: performance, body shaping, wellness and weight loss. There are also 3 levels of workouts: beginner, intermediate and advanced. There are 24 workouts on each card which are meant to cover 8 weeks of training.

The cards are for sale separately and they feature audio from a trainer as well to help with coaching and motivation. The trainer also provides tips to help you get more out of each workout. Although you have to pay extra for the cards, they are much cheaper than if you hired an actual trainer. Some newer elliptical models also allow you to connect to iFIT online. You pay extra for this facility as well but it allows you to access customized workouts and hike trails which use Google Maps.

NordicTrack makes many models of elliptical trainers and each has features that are somewhat different. If floor space is a problem for you, for example, there is the NordicTrack Spacesaver which can fold. However, you should realize that this will probably not work as well for more strenuous workouts as other models.

For the most part, fitness trainers suggest that when you plan on using an elliptical for workouts that are really intense, you are best off spending more money on machines that are really sturdy. For light use, NordicTrack gets great markets in the low to mid-range category.

Most Nordic Track elliptical reviews are positive although, as with any product, there are a few negative ones. In most cases, negative comments were geared towards the lower end models. They are also usually older reviews so many of the former problems may have since been fixed, particularly concerning customer service. However, it is always smart to be sure you ask about warranties and return policies before making any purchase.

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