Are you ready to give up on roads to showrooms when you buy a car? Ford gives UK customers the opportunity to buy the desired car directly from the Internet.

Online purchasing system debut will take place in Britain, where Ford is the best selling brand in the market.

A study by Ford, four out of ten customers would be very happy to be able to purchase your favorite car directly from the Internet, even if this means they are not a test drive before.

Thus, since June 29, 1950 UK Ford dealers will start selling Internet model range, following specialized portal will be available on all cars and utilities Oval Blue, new or second hand. Official site that customers will be able to make money is next step is lifting the car and signing documents and it takes place in one of 12 regional centers established and announced by Ford on the port.

What the Ford officials say:”Customers are ready to use the Internet to get acquainted with other auto industry. In the past, many customers use the Internet to get information and then visit our showroom for advice and tests. While many will continue to do so, we faced with a fairly large proportion of customers who know what car they choose and are ready to buy directly from the Internet if your site is credible sales, “says Steven Hood, site manager According to the official Ford car prices to be sold on the Internet are the same as those found in the showroom, customers will be able to negotiate with sellers just as they do in the showroom.

“More than 10% of those interviewed said that it is stressful to visit the dealer, and more than 20% of customers say they are intimidated by the fact that the blood must negotiate face to face with a seller. Most many customers who would buy a car online are ready to spend between 10 and 20 thousand pounds, “says Steven Hood.

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