Pulling out a best mobile plan from the clutter of service providers puts the consumers in dilemma. Which plans suits him the best? What are his needs? How is my usage? These are often asked questioned. Every company boasts of providing best and cheapest schemes possible. While opting for a service provider we often confirm it with our friends and then choose a plan accordingly.

CDMA or GSM phone? Folks are generally unaware about these technical factors and often end up choosing inappropriate plan and schemes. Selection is easier if we understand the difference. CDMA is abbreviated term for Code Division Multiple Access. Both data and voice are separated from signals using codes and then transmitted using a wide frequency range. More preference is for CDMA mobile in 3G generation as it provides more space for data transfer.

GSM is said to be as the latest technology. In fact, this technology is older than CDMA. The term GSM stands for Global System Mobile. Roaming readiness and fraud prevention are two major advantages from this technology. It’s the most used technology in the world.

There are many entities offering both, CDMA and GSM technologies as well. Tata and Reliance are the two major CDMA mobile giants operating in India. If the person makes lot of long distance call and is often on roaming network free nationwide long distance is a good option, then. The best plan he can choose is Reliance Postpaid Plan for CDMA users is Value Roaming with monthly rental Rs 399/- .

Value Roam users can make local calls at the lowest price and National roaming at affordable rates. But this, plan is restricted to only people who make more calls than SMS’s. No relative plans for roaming including lower SMS’s rates are available for postpaid Reliance CDMA roaming network.

The best plan available for pan India subscribers in Tata Indicom is Great Value Plan with monthly rental of Rs.300/- . It sorts out the texting and calling usage of the customer at comparatively lower rates along with free 300 local messages.

Both the CDMA operators offers the best chalked out plan for the people who keep on moving across India. Maximum usage while paying minimum rentals. SMS fanatics can surely opt for TATA Indicom. Now stay connected to your friends and relatives through texting even if you are roaming.

The main objective of a choosing a cell phone plan is to find the desired, necessary features for the best price. Keeping this objective in mind will help a person find a cell phone plan that meets his needs and budget. If you are looking for more precise plan you can yourbillbuddy.com is always at your help. Compare, analyze and select apt cell phone plan for you and save on your mobile bills.

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