Nile Cruise Holidays- 5 Killer Tips

If you are looking for the complete holiday experience, then Nile cruise holidays in Egypt is the best choice. Your experience on the cruise is guaranteed to be exciting adventurous and filled with enough fun and thrills to make it a trip to always remember. However, when looking for Nile cruise holidays in Egypt, you must bear some things in mind and carry some essentials to make your trip safe and comfortable.

Tip (1): When should you plan your holidays?

Since Egypt is known for its hot climate, then you need to be ready to do your cruise in the early hours of the day to make it more pleasant. In addition, you should also carry plenty of bottled water to avoid dehydration. Between October and March, when the Nile River is not locked down, will be the best time to plan your trip. There are many cheap holidays available as well and you can opt for the smaller boats, called the “Nile feluccas”.

Tip (2): What should you wear on your cruise?

In fact, Egypt is a Muslim country. So, it would be advisably to cover up most of the time, particularly in case of women travelers. Culturally and climate appropriate simple casuals will do during the trip and men may be required to wear trousers when going to dinner. Being culturally sensitive will make the trip more comfortable for travelers and it is a good idea to also carry footwear that is comfy. You could also look at all inclusive holidays, which will also offer additional advises in this regard.

Tip (3): How can you make your travel smooth?

In case you are planning for last minute holidays, then you do not need to worry. Your cruise will be thoroughly enjoyable as long as you make sure that you have your basic clothing and travel papers in place. It would be a good idea to have varied options in terms of money such as traveler’s checks, debit cards, credit cards, and cash. This will allow you to have flexible options for payment. Comparing online and offline agencies will definitely help you to get cheap cruise deals.

Tip (4): How to compare exclusive deals?

There will be many all inclusive Nile cruises available and you could have a look at different prices and what the trip entails before deciding. You can compare between agencies and pick out the best Nile cruise package available. Be patient in searching and compare at least 3 offers to avoid wasting your hard-earned money.

Tip (5): What is the last point that is always forgotten?

Indeed, Esna-lock closes twice a year for maintenance, and as a result, it may disrupt your river cruise. Hence, take care to avoid traveling in the first two weeks of June and December. It is also advisable to check out cheap flights to Luxor and all inclusive Luxor holidays before deciding. Armed with this information, you will have marvelous Nile cruise holidays.

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