Affordable Night Vision Goggles

As a kid, I grew up wanting to become a spy. The secret life of an agent was something that I had always wanted, and playing games like 007 Goldeneye and Splinter Cell only made me more frustrated that my life wasn’t that reality. Even though I’ve grown up since then, when I came up across the Pacific Digital Nightvision Goggles, the little kid inside of me screamed to purchase them. And I’m glad I did!

Setting up the goggles was incredibly easy. Once set-up, I could explore shadowy environments using the highly developed infrared technology rooted in the goggle technology. It’s only five AA batteries in the battery pack at the back of the head-set, and a flick of the on switch that you need to get started. Like swimming goggles, the size is adjusted seamlessly using rubber straps on the side.

The folks at Pacific Digital equipped the goggles come with a hinged, flip-up eye-piece that can be opened when the goggles are turned off, or closed when the goggles are in use. There is a screen display that lights up inside of the right eye-piece (which makes it even more Bond-like). I can choose between the maximum surveillance mode, which emits a barely-visible ring of red LEDs around the eyepiece which allows up to 50 feet of visibility in complete darkness, or go for the stealth mode to remain completely invisible while exploring the dark landscape. If I flip a small switch on the side of the head-set, the goggles toggle from a black and white display, to a green one.

What I love the most is its futuristic design. You look at something like this and it just screams Splinter Cell or Metal Gear Solid, both are games that I still can’t stop playing.

I know this product is meant for kids, but part of me just can’t let go of the kid I used to be. I guarantee anyone that puts these goggles on will not want to take them off anytime soon.

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