Nicotine Withdrawal Symptoms To Look Out For

Strangely enough, quitting smoking still brings obnoxious effects to a person. However, these symptoms seem merely like a tiny bit of discomfort compared to the diseases obstinate smoking could incite.

Be acquainted with all the nicotine withdrawal symptoms and watch out for them. They may be bodily or psychological, since both factors are affected while you were smoking. You do not need treatment for these nicotine withdrawal symptoms, but they are worthwhile to identify. Read on to learn more!

Physical symptoms:


Coughing is one of the initial nicotine withdrawal symptoms to show. In just a span of few days after stopping the addiction, your lungs start to clear themselves out of tar and other impurities you entered to your body. Because of this, you will experience moderate to ruthless coughing while accumulated mucus gets out of your body. You can use cough syrups for temporary relief.

Your Chest Will Tighten

A week after stopping, you will observe that your chest feels tighter. Again, this is normal. Your lungs are getting more fresh and unsoiled air than usual. Think of it as your lungs doing stretches.

Feeling constipated

It is normal to feel more than a little bit constipated while you’re quitting. Add high fiber food to your daily menu and drink plenty of water. You just have to bear with the way your digestion route is getting used to the lack of nicotine in your system.

Severe Halitosis

While most people who smoke already suffer from bad breath, being a quitter will make you endure some more. Good news is it’s only temporary and will disappear after a few weeks. Get used to carrying mints around with you.

Severe headaches

Nicotine contained in cigarettes is a stimulant. Your brain has gotten used to having nicotine there. During the stopping process, your brain will fine-tune with your body and so you will feel some headaches coming. Relax and lots of fluids can help alleviate the pain of nicotine withdrawal symptoms.

Severe Halitosis

People who smoke typically have bad breath, so while you are quitting, you may still have halitosis. Fortunately you will have to endure these changes in only a few weeks. You better get accustomed to carrying mints around with you to manage with halitosis.

Strong headache

One of the physically manifested nicotine withdrawal symptoms is dizziness. After quitting, your system starts to change old and polluted red blood cells. You may experience irregular to regular dizziness as your blood flow normalizes.

Mental Symptoms: Cravings

Your mouth isn’t accustomed to having nothing to do so you will feel the urge to eat. You will crave food because you have to do something with your oral cavity. However, you can fight your own cravings with a combination of the right willingness and determination.

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