New York Mets A Team Of Trouble, Of Sorts

There were few players or fans for that matter that would have seen this coming. The New York Mets in the Driver seat when it comes to their own destiny. Was this not a team that just a few years ago were on the brink of blowing up and self-destructing?

While there is still a lot of in fighting going on and some players are not in good standing with the management of the team, the truth is that they are a half game out of being tied for first. This comes as a shock to the team and to the fans. There are a lot of people that are trying to figure out what is going on.

The preseason was full of players that went to have surgery without the team knowing, players that went missing and just an overall sense of disorganization. Things have changed in a big way for the Mets. They found the missing players. The one that had his surgery is back better than ever and now things look like a well oiled machine for the Mets.

If you looked at the team during spring training, and then look at them now, you will see that there is a massive difference in the two teams. This leads many to question if they are truly ready this season to head all the way to the World Series.

Depending on who you talk to, will depend on what the answer will be as to the impact that the Mets will have in the second half of the season. There are several experts that see this as being a short lived burst that the team is experiencing for the moment.

The others say that this is the beginning of something a lot bigger in the way that the team is poised to win more games and as a result increase their standing in professional baseball. Regardless of what your opinion of the team is, there is little arguing the fact that at least the first part of the season has been one that will be remembered as the best in years.

If this will continue or not is yet to be seen, what is known is that there is plenty of baseball left to play and the Mets are the master of their own destiny? The more that they try this season, the better the results will be.

There is no real reason why the problems of the past, will bother the Mets as they charge towards the end of the season. The more that they are told they won’t make it, the more determined that they will become. This is the best time to jump on the Mets bandwagon, and claim that you have been a lifelong fan. If not then your friends will have a team to root for and your team will more than likely be a victim to the New York Mets.

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