New York City Marketing Company Uses Google Adsense & Saves Over 30% Of PPC Costs

Costs Reduced: New York City Marketing Company Uses Google Adsense

Would you like to know how a New York City marketing company uses Google Adsense to subsidize and reduce pay per click costs by one third? They did what millions of other site owners are doing and embedded a simple code into their site that generates revenue for them. How did Solution Web Designs do it?

You probably already know that pay-per-click (PPC) advertising with Google Adwords has been around for quite awhile. Of course there are other PPC options around the web, but for most company’s pay-per-click advertising begins with Google.

A PPC advertising campaign begins with setting up a budget, making up a short text ad and applying specific keywords or key-phrases to the ad. You’ve seen these ads all over the web! They are the same ads that this NYC firm used to make money from.

Google Adsense is the free program that web publishers sign up with to run PPC ads on their sites. The ads are filtered through the keywords associated with the content on a publisher’s site and appear on publisher’s sites in the same manner they appear on a search. Why would publishers run Adwords’ ads on their sites that have the power to take visitors away from their pages?

It’s a strategy that’s worked for many companies in addition to this marketing firm in New York City. As a website owner, any company is a prospective publisher eligible to sign-up for Google Adsense. It’s easy to apply and it’s absolutely free. Adsense is only available to businesses. This ensures that only serious publishers will be running ads and getting paid by Google.

So how does running Adwords’ ads, through Adsense, actually pay you? Since you’re already familiar with PPC, think of it this way. When you run an pay per click ad campaign, you pay for each click, right? So do all of the other advertisers out there. By allowing Google to runs content related ads on ‘your’ site, you’ll basically be pocketing a fraction of other advertiser’s costs every time someone clicks through off of your site. Think of it as a small finder’s fee.

Plus it’s free to signup with Google Adsense. There are a few rules to keep in mind. The program isn’t for ‘individuals’, it is only for businesses. Also Google must approve each publishing site manually. If your site contains pornographic content you can forget about getting Adsense on your site. Likewise, if you already use a competing pay per click type ad program on your site you’ll have to get rid of them before being approved by the search engine giant.

If your company is looking for a way to reduce advertising and pay per click costs, then you can do what that New York City marketing company does and use Google Adsense to subsidize and reduce pay per click costs by one third or more! How cool is that?

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