Microsoft promised to eliminate all the shortcomings of the update, but the timing was not called.

Thousands of computers around the world this night showed the owners the so-called “blue screen of death”. It occurred after installing the latest update package of the Windows operating system.
Microsoft said that the failure will be fixed. That’s just the timing was not called. Experts recommended that the victims of the update roll back to previous versions.
A global failure occurred in the work of the popular messengers Telegram and WhatsApp. Users complained about the inability to send messages. Residents of Europe, the CIS countries and Russia faced this problem.
But in our country, more attention was paid to problems in the work of car sharing. In several cities — St. Petersburg, Moscow, Kazan and Sochi — drivers were unable to log in to the app. But that was the lesser of all evils. The worst was for those who had already rented a car, reached their destination, but could not hand it over due to a malfunction.
As a result, some people spent a lot of time in the cold. Later, the car-sharing company eliminated the problem, and the victims were promised to recalculate and compensate for the cost of the trip.

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