Wine decanters are wonderful ways to deliver wine in a modern and interesting way. The vast range of wine accessories available today extends to wine decanters and you will be able to find a substantial range of style and form and purchase the right wine decanter for your home.

You can find them in a traditional style and with very plain design, and these are perfect for function. They will very easily let your red wine breathe and be a stunning way to remove the bottle from the table and add a touch of class and glamour to your evening.

There are also some gorgeous traditional crystal designs, some of which are quite elaborate in decoration. The stopper is always incredibly helpful and works well, making it a great way to store your red wine especially. Alternatively you can pre-chill your wine decanter and then fill it with a white wine that will be consumed relatively quickly.

If you’re a more modern decorator, you might be more interested in decanters that are really stunning and seem much more like sculpture than functional glassware. You can also find them in alternative materials such as acrylic, which is good if you have got concerns about breakage.

Wine decanters have actually become a way to express your personal style. You don’t have to have the same kind of decanter your parents had when you were growing up unless that style appeals to you. If not then you can go in a blissfully new direction and look into some of the designer pieces instead. These are stunning options and could sit bare on your dining table and appear to be a work of art. You could fill them with other things in between uses and keep them on display at all times.

Originally decanters were made to assist servants in carrying wine to the table more easily. Originally produced in glass, after the fall of the Roman Empire, other materials had to be found and earthenware options were produced instead along with metals such as gold and bronze. The glass was reintroduced for use in the Renaissance and then in the early 1700’s the stopper was added to the design. This allowed the wine to last longer, and avoid any contamination that might have occurred.

If your wines are deep with sediment then a decanter has really been designed for you. It is made so that you can leave the sediment in the bottle and transfer just the wine itself over into another vessel.

However these days more often than not a wine decanter is used purely for style rather than original function. It’s a much nicer way to present wine on a dinner table and it also allows for the host to hide the label. If you have to use a house wine quality product then you may feel less than happy to show it off and a wine decanter is the ideal addition to your glassware.

Wine decanters are available in a range of shapes, designs and are even available in different colors with colored glass making a solid comeback in the design scene.

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