New social network Clubhouse breaks records for downloads in Germany

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In this article, I will tell you what is the secret of the success of the new application and what are the prospects for development in the future.
The Clubhouse was first mentioned last year. The social network appeared in the United States, in Silicon Valley. Now the app is actively capturing the European market. In total, the app was downloaded by 2.4 million users. But in January, there is an exponential increase in the number of downloads.
Last week, Clubhouse became the most downloaded app on iOS in Germany.
The UK and Germany now have the highest number of app downloads outside of the US (119,548 and 92,659, respectively, according to App Figures).
What is the secret of Clubhouse’s success?
Audio chat format.
In the social network, you can go to any room, listen to an expert or share your opinion. People like the ease of the format without a video link. It’s like sumall, not only for work and interesting people.
Admission is by invitation.
You can’t just sign up for Clubhouse. More precisely, you can reserve a nickname, but you can start using the social network only by invitation. You can get to the Clubhouse via a referral link. This charm of the “closed club” further fuels the interest of the target audience. In America, there have even been cases of selling invitations on eBay. The price of the question: from 250 to 1000 dollars. In Germany, too, at first they sold invitation cards for ~ 100 euros. Now the cost has decreased to 5-7 euros. In the future, soc.the network will be available to everyone. But so far, it is still in the testing stage.
Not a single release of a successful social network.the web is not complete without opinion leaders. Here, too, they did their best. Last month, the creators attracted 40 celebrities to the platform. Ashton Kutcher, Chris Rock, Drake, and Kevin Hart can now be heard at the Clubhouse.
How does the social network work?

The app has a user profile with a description and links to other social networks. You can subscribe to the account. There are clubs and rooms. Clubs are like communities or groups, and rooms are a topic of discussion. There is a limit on the number of participants in the room to 5000 people. The user room can be divided into 2 types: speakers and listeners. But any listener can become a speaker. Just raise your hand and the moderators will let you speak.
What’s next?
Now the last round of investments has ended. This means that the company has the resources to develop the application and enter new markets. The creators say that they plan to introduce monetization of content for authors similar to YouTube. Subscriptions and donations will be available in the app.
Many experts predict a grand future for Clubhouse. They say that this is the third Instagram and TikTok. The app has really great potential. Now the trend is for audio content. This proves the popularity of podcasts and streams. Obviously, people like the live format of communication here and now.

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