New Puppy And No Experience Try Dog Training For Dummies

When you are getting a puppy and you do not have a clue about how to start training them, dog training for dummies will give the guidance you need. Training a dog to fit your lifestyle from the moment you bring them home is important, if you are going to have a small or large dog you need to know what to expect.

Setting boundaries for your new dog is important and dog training for dummies tells you this right from the start. House training is not only not allowing your dog to relieve themselves in the house it also includes where they eat and sleep, whether or not you want them to go on the furniture and where they can go in the house.

Some people believe in starting with puppy pads for going to the bathroom, I believe in getting your dog used to going outside on the very first day. Having a pad available is useful for when your puppy has an accident or when you are not home but, get him or her used to going outside for a walk, if that is where you want them to go to the bathroom, right from the start.

If you get a small dog that you are going to keep inside, dog training for dummies will help you to learn how to deal with this situation. You will need to get puppy pads that will absorb the urine. After you feed your puppy they need to be put on the pad until they do their business. Be patient it will not happen quickly. Talk to them, use the same words all the time, it is not silly to say “potty time” because this will become a way that they know to go to the pad. Stick with it, because it does take time.

Never change the routine of putting your puppy on the pad after they eat or drink, they need consistency when they are learning. If you are going to want your dog to go to the bathroom outside, it is up to you to take them and wait with them until they do their business after they eat. Dog training for dummies lets you know that when either a large or small dog has an accident let them smell it and then bring them outside or over to the pad. Be sure to clean it up completely or they might go there again.

Never yell or use harsh words that could scare your puppy, a firm voice will do when you are training them. If you do not want your dog on the furniture, do not bring them up to cuddle or play, they will only get confused. When you want to play or cuddle you can go on the floor with them.

If this is your first dog then dog training for dummies is necessary for you to learn how to get your dog to learn. A puppy does not know what you want them to do, you need to show them what to do. When a puppy is trained right from the start you will have a new member of the family, a best friend and a great listener. Just stay consistent with your training and use dog training for dummies and you will be just fine.

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