New Idea For Walls – Use An Area Rug

Woven area rugs are great wall decoration alternative. They come in various sizes, colors and prices. Hand-woven rugs and those made of natural fibers are more expensive than the machine-made rugs with synthetic fabrics. With the quantity of selections in the market, you will surely find area rugs that meet your taste and budget.

You can hang woven area rugs in a number of different ways. The best way to use them is to hang them from a curtain pole. Get a decorative curtain pole and some muslin material and affix the material to the end of the rug. Then loop the material around the pole to form a knot in the pole. Make sure that the pole extends out to where you want it to be so that the rug can naturally cover the offensive object on the wall. This is a great way to cover objects that are no longer in use, or those that are still used but are unsightly.

A repainting job might have crossed your mind. This is a good solution to ugly walls. The thing is, not all of us can afford a total wall make-over or just plainly can’t. For tenants who don’t have the exclusive rights to the property, painting the wall is not that feasible. What if the owner disagrees? What if she won’t pay for it? Then never mind. Woven area rugs can improve the look of the wall while complementing the rest of the room. Now that’s even better.

Other problem areas on the wall may include a patched area that looks obvious. Since woven area rugs are much larger than picture frames, they can cover larger areas. While it is ideal to fix the drywall and repaint the entire room, this may not be economically feasible. Also, if you are renting, this will not only not be feasible but foolish as you do not want to pay to repair the property for someone else. By putting up a woven area rug to cover the large mishap in the wall, you can solve the problem without spending any of your own money repairing property that does not belong to you.

Decorative woven area rugs are the ideal wall covering for any type of room, but especially come in handy if there are flaws in the wall, or unsightly objects that cannot be removed. If you are renting property, you do not have to put up with such objects on the wall that you do not like. You can cover them with woven area rugs that are hung easily on poles. When you are finished renting the property, you can take the woven rug and pole with you and use it somewhere else. One of the best aspects about using woven area rugs as wall hangings is that they can do double duty and also be placed on the floor if needed.

You wouldn’t have a hard time looking for woven area rugs. They are available in many stores, including online home decorations shops. They have different sizes, colors and shapes and are made from natural fibers and synthetic ones.

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