New Fashion Trends – Height Increasing Shoes

Height Increasing Shoes Are Fast Becoming The Latest Craze In Men’s Fashion

Looking tall has always been fashionable and more so today than ever. This explains the latest craze for height increasing shoes, which are manufactured in such a manner that they can make you look taller without compromising on style.

Conventional height increasing shoes have a thick shoe sole, which is visible from the outside. However, the latest designs have invisible or hidden insoles (lifts) tucked inside the shoe itself. The insoles of these shoes are completely merged into the shoe’s structure. The typical materials used in insoles are cork, foam and soft plastic. These concealed insoles lift the wearer up by up to four inches and make him look taller than he actually is.

Height increasing shoes also help improve the wearer’s posture and make him or her stand straighter. They are not heavy, but are still sturdy and highly comfortable, and they are available in number of different designs. Fine leather is often used to make these shoes, and you can get them in different colours and patterns.

Height increasing shoes can have a huge positive effect on the wearer. The person’s self esteem gets a boost after wearing these shoes. That is why these shoes have become very popular with people who lack confidence because of their short stature. These shoes are fit to be worn in parties and even at weddings because they do not compromise on style. On the wedding day, short grooms can sport a stylish pair of these shoes to make themselves look tall.

High heels still seem to be the favourite choice for women to look tall and stand out in a group. However, elevator shoes are slowly becoming popular with women as well. These height increasing shoes for ladies have low heels and a thick internal pad.

Height increasing shoes have become a bigger fashion trend ever since they have been endorsed by celebrities like Tom Cruise. The French President, Nicolas Sarkozy, also wears a pair of elevator shoes so that he does not look shorter than his wife Carla Bruni. Such famous people have increased the popularity of these shoes among men who want to increase their height.

The next generation of height increasing shoes will provide the wearers with the option of being able to change the height levels of the shoes. Once these customizable shoes arrive in the market, they are certain to be a major success and they will be lapped up by people wanting to look tall.

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