New data shows that TikTok surpasses Google as the most popular website of the year

New data shows that TikTok surpasse Google as the most popular website of the year
TikTok, which last year was “only in 7th or 8th place” on the Cloudflare list, has risen in the ranking and received 1st place, according to the company.
The app, owned by Beijing-based ByteDance, is rapidly gaining momentum, hooking people with its secret algorithm that delivers video clips that it thinks it might like.
TikTok has turned dancing influencers Addison Ray and Charlie D’Amelio into household names, they are filmed in TV shows, commercials and films, writes WSJ.
Google, which includes a search function, maps, language translation and other services, took second place this year. It was followed by Meta Platforms, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon and Netflix.
“All nine major social media apps are included in our list of the 100 most popular global domains … We see that TikTok … snatched the crown of the most popular social media domain in our ranking from Facebook,” Cloudflare wrote in her blog.

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