Netherlands suspends flights to Great Britain due to a new strain of coronavirus

The Dutch authorities have imposed restrictions on flights from the UK until January 1 and may ban other transport links to London. The country found the first infected with a coronavirus with a new strain.

The Dutch authorities have ordered not to accept aircraft from the UK due to the spread of a new strain of coronavirus there. This is stated in a statement by the government of this country, published on the official website on Sunday, December 20.

The ban is introduced from 6 am Sunday and at least until January 1. The government is currently considering a possible ban on other transport links with the UK. According to the National Institute of Health in the Netherlands, the country has discovered the first case of infection with a new mutated type of coronavirus.

Coronavirus mutation

This is a strain that is currently spreading rapidly in the UK and was first identified in early December. Experts in the Netherlands are checking how the new strain got into the country to see if there are other infections.

The rapid spread of the new SARS-CoV-2 species across the country on Saturday was announced by UK Chief Physician Chris Whitty. This mutation of the virus is probably more contagious, he said, but there is no evidence yet that it leads to more deaths or affects the effects of vaccines or treatments. The British Prime Minister confirmed Whitty’s words. WHO reported the situation.

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