Nerf Switch Shot EX3: A Multi-Capable Nerf Blaster

Where else do you get to explore awesome planets, shoot villainous robots, or fly a spaceship besides in video games? No where. And that is exactly why video games are so cool.

What in the world do video games have to do with Nerf you might be wondering? They never had much in common until now. Hasbro has ventured into a different world, and has done something they never have done before.

Now you can play Nerf on your Television! It goes without saying that the Switch Shot Ex-3 takes Nerf somewhere it never has been before, your Nintendo Wii. How does it do this? Keep on reading. One thing for certain is that this is an entirely new way to play.

Have you ever wanted to play Nerf on your Wii while using a Nerf gun as a controller? With the Switch Shot Ex-3 you can. It fires darts and doubles as a controller. By hooking it up to your Wii remote, you can use it as a controller. Then when you are done, you can still use it to fire the real, non-digital, foam darts. The Wii feature, of course, is useless if you don’t have a Wii console, Wii remote, or the Nerf-N-Strike video game. They are sold separately and not included with it.

The double feature of the Switch Shot Ex-3 is something new. It is nice for “Nerfers” that also have a Nintendo Wii gaming console. Also, if you are looking for a gift for a “Nerfer” that has a Wii, this would be a good one. Take note that this gun controller will work with other Wii games and not just the Nerf-N-Strike game.

What about downsides? Are there any negatives to it? This is probably a matter of preference, but some say that the balance of the Switch Shot Ex-3 is too far forward.

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