Nerf Guns: Unleash The Child In You

When we think of outside, we think of running around playing tag and more. However there are some things that we really remember playing with as children on hot summer days. For us these were nerf guns. After hanging with our families during spring break, we were excited to see that these toys are still as popular as they once were.

This sort of toy was created in the nineteen eighties. Every child’s Christmas list had one of these on them for there were many things that you could do with these guns. The price of them have gone down drastically as well.

This sort of toy was seen on all the commercials. Boys and girls alike couldn’t wait until a new type came out on the market. That’s just how popular it was. It was the in toy of every season including summer. So, what made them so special?

Well parents and children alike loved them. For some parents, this was the toy that they preferred due to the material in which it was made of. These foam balls couldn’t hurt much. While they kept the kids entertained, they also were pretty safe to have around. At least that’s what our parents told us. Even when propelled out of the guns, they didn’t hurt that bad.

Though you don’t see as many commercials for these guns, we assure you that they are still going strong. Since the price has dropped somewhat, more and more parents buy these for the war games that kids love to play. Each year new ones are created. That’s just how popular they have become.

So, you can see the power that children have. The neon colors don’t make the guns realistic looking. It’s harmless fun for all. So, if you are trying to find toys for the summer months to keep them entertained with, then you have found it here. Check out what you can find and you might want to join in on the fun as well.

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