Negotiating A Limited-Term Lease – Suggestions For Success

If you are looking for an easy way to rent an apartment for six months or so, you should consider looking for a short-term lease. Perhaps you are a student that will only require a place to live for eight months, or you are going on a vacation and do not want to spend every night at an expensive hotel. Either way, you need to know how to acquire that perfect short-term lease.

While a short-term lease may be the best option for you, it may not be the case for the landlord. Chances are he or she would prefer to have a long-term lease, as it is a steady income and costs less for tenant screenings.

This is why in short-term leases, landlords have more bargaining power and prospective tenants will have to bargain harder or accept the trade offs such as a higher monthly rent, many restrictions on deposit return, and other additional fees.

To do this effectively, you should take a few things in mind. Always remember that a location with higher vacancy rates means more bargaining flexibility. You can use this as a reason for the landlord to negotiate.

In order to really get the landlord to bend to your will, explain to him or her that you can move in immediately, and that you will provide him or her with two months of rent immediately. This will certainly make the landlord more flexibility in terms of monthly rent.

Another negotiating tip is to offer to rent a property as is. Renting “as is” means that you will be taking care of cleaning, accept a non-working appliance, and other issues that the landlord will usually take care of before renting the space out to new tenants.

Remember to negotiate not just on rent but also to have the same amenities as long-term renters. These could include even the basics, such as heating, water, and garbage disposal.

Lastly, have a good credit rating and letter of recommendation from a landlord you once lived under. These simple and effective tactics will ensure you win not just the negotiating battle, but the short-term lease war.

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