Need A Change Of Career – What Is The Easiest Method To Obtain A Degree

The current poor economy and the even poorer employment rate have left many in the workforce wondering if maybe there is something that they can do differently. That is, maybe it is time to change careers. Although it is not always that easy, it is possible. The first step is to become qualified for whatever it is they want to do. But who has the time to go back to school? Is there a better way? What is the easiest way to obtain a degree?

Whether you have worked in a specific trade or have held other types of blue collar jobs, it is possible to get a bachelor’s degree much faster these days then it used to. The obvious benefits to getting the fastest bachelors degree possible is that you can start making more money doing something you enjoy on a much faster time scale.

Whether you were involved in a technical or vocational trade prior to your career switch, you may have taken a one or two year certification program. Make sure to inform your new university or college of this training, because even if it is not exactly what they require for lower division requirements, they may allow this education as substitutes and grant you the credits.

Another advantage when entering a college program is to take and pass tests offered through the College Level Examination Program (CLEP). These exams offered through this program cover subject material that is typically covered in lower level courses. By being able to ‘test-out’ of these courses, you will gain the credits of associated classes without having to actually take it. This reduces overall class time.

No amount of testing and book study can account for your life experiences. Some universities and colleges acknowledge that sometimes the best classroom to learn is through living life itself. Depending upon your past work experiences, some schools will grant you credits based upon these life experiences which shorten the length of the degree program.

For whatever program you enroll, look into the availability of online coursework. Online courses allow you to take classes from home, however the length of the actual course may not be any shorter. But online courses are set at your schedule and you may be able to take on a higher course load with more online courses, thereby gaining more credits faster.

Perhaps the fastest online degrees are now earned through enrollment in an online university. These degree granting programs operate primarily online and claim to offer degrees at only a fraction of the traditional time frame. While there are some legitimate online universities, there are others who are just degree mills, and have no proper accreditation. Make sure they are accredited through the Council for Higher Education.

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