The neck is often an area of concern for patients looking for facial rejuvenation. Unfortunately, in neck rejuvenation, one size does not fit all. There are many factors which contribute to neck aging. This includes excess fat of the neck, excess skin of the neck, loss of skin tension in the neck, excess neck muscle, and a combination of these. Determining the cause of the aging and putting together a detailed treatment plan is crucial to getting the best results possible.

Neck liposuction can be undertaken as an isolated procedure. After removing the fat in the neck though, there is the possibility of excess skin becoming a problem in patients who are older with less skin elasticity. Fortunately, the amount of fat which is removed with neck liposuction is much less than with body liposuction so the serious risks of body liposuction do not exist with neck liposuction.

For patients with a ‘turkey neck’, a platysmaplasty may be in order. Through a small incision under the chin, the muscle of the neck, the platysma, is tied together so that the ends are not as visible. A ‘corset’ is created and a sling in produced which reduces the turkey neck. The incision under the chin tends to heal and is not visible to normal human interactions. As with other neck rejuvenation procedures, the platysmaplasty may need to be combined to obtain optimal results for the patient.

What are the biggest complications after neck rejuvenation? The biggest concerns after any facial cosmetic surgery is bruising and swelling. They will occur but determining to what extent is difficult to tell. The good news is that it will subside with time. Other complications include infection, bleeding, lumpiness, and scar. Complications are dependent on a person’s specific medical conditions and consultation with a surgeon is always necessary.

The first step with any facial rejuvenation procedure is to meet with a qualified and experienced facial plastic or plastic surgeon. Each patient will have specific risks and benefits to each procedure and consultation is critical to determine each person’s own results and risks.

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