A number of great techniques for making abstract images are presented in this article: blur, zooming in, partial image, and Photoshop filters. Once the techniques have been mastered, they may be applied to a variety of subject matter to create amazing abstract images.

Using Blur

[I:http://www.articledir.org/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/PaulSmith35.jpg]The blurring of objects is the initial technique that will be covered. Not all images work well with this technique. The photos that do work best are the ones that have a dreamy feel. As a result, selecting the subject matter carefully is very important.

This technique can be carried out in several ways. Perhaps the easiest way is to use a soft focus lens. However, this is also the costliest method. A soft focus filter is another way to carry out this technique. This filter can be attached to a regular lens. If you would prefer to save some money, panty hose stretched over the front of a lens also works. Of course, the blur can always be added during image editing with Photoshop (or some other editing software).

Zooming In on the Subject

To utilize this technique, a zoom lens is needed. This technique employs a long shutter speed. While the shutter is open, the focal length of the lens is altered. A lot of photographers start out at a wide angle. Then, they zoom into a narrower angle.[I:http://www.articledir.org/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/PaulSmith34.jpg]

With this technique, there are a few essential points. It is necessary to utilize a tripod whenever using the zoom technique. The tripod stops camera motion from blurring the image (we want blur by zooming — not by camera movement). It is best to have a strong center of interest. For those images that lack a strong center of interest, the image frequently seems to be simply a collection of blurry lines. These tips can really help to create a strong abstract image.

Partial Object

This technique does not photograph an entire object. Rather, this technique requires that the photographer segregate and photograph just a part of an object. The best thing to do is to isolate a portion of an object that is especially intriguing. By using only a section of the object, some mystique is created.

Using Photoshop Filters

Image editing may also be used to create abstract images. Photoshop filters offer one simple way to do this. The Photoshop filters can be found in the Filter menu. The key here is to experiment with the different filters.

In Conclusion

Each of these techniques can produce excellent abstract photos.

These techniques are merely the starting point. If you would like to learn more about abstract photography, just click Uk marriage visa How To: Abstract Photography. Best of luck with your abstract photography.

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