Natural Remedies For Bacterial Vaginosis – Causes, Symptoms And Relief Procedures

Bacterial vaginosis is an irritating condition that can affect girls because of the onset and plethora of ordinary bacteria in the vaginal area. It typically causes a vaginal discharge as one of its main indications and is extremely uncomfortable for girls to experience.

In a number of cases the bacterial discharge is mixed with a foul odor which has been portrayed as fish smelling, unlike a standard discharge which is both colorless and unscented.

If the infection is mild in nature then the smell and discharge might take place only after intercourse with no other symptoms present. The more moderate and severe cases usually involve further symptoms like swelling, irritation, excess discharge, stronger odour, cramps, stomach pains and intense itching.

Usually a large majority of bacterial vaginosis cases in females go undetected thanks to the lack of any life-endangering symptoms or conditions. Of course, it can be very embarrassing for a lady if the fish smell starts and then starts to grow in power.

Pregnant girls suffering for this infection have to be more troubled because they are able to develop additional complications like possible miscarriages, difficulty delivering the baby, intense stomach cramps and the possibility of fetal poisoning.

The actual cause for bacterial vaginosis can be imputed to at least 2 different reasons. The 1st is a bacterial infection and the second more prominent reason is a Candida Albicans or fungal yeast-related infection.

There are a few natural remedies which have been observed to alleviate the symptoms connected with this exasperating infection. They include taking Goldenseal capsules, garlic or a conventional herb known as tracheal.

The Goldenseal treatment would consist of taking a 500mg capsule one or two times per day till the yeast infection symptoms have diminished. The chemicals in the capsules work towards fighting off the bacteria build up and infection residing in the mucous surfaces of the vagina walls.

Garlic is one of the finest known natural treatments for yeast infection control and can be accomplished by taking 1 or 2 garlic tablets a day. For the tracheal treatment it is recommended to take one teaspoon of dried tracheal mixed with a cup ( 8 oz. ) of hot water daily as a natural remedy.

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