Natural Herbal Treatment For Anxiety

Anxiety is something which troubles almost everyone at some point of their lives. But in certain individuals the level of anxiety is so high that it requires treatment, though it is normal to feel anxious from time to time. Anxiety herbal treatment is a popular option to cure anxiety related problems.

What is Anxiety disorder?

When there is no logical reason for worrying then there are chances that the person is having a generalized anxiety disorder. Day to day lives of the individuals is affected, with many symptoms. Having a feeling of being on the edge all the time, feeling restless, being impatient, irritability are some of the main symptoms of a person suffering from anxiety. Poor concentration is another symptom which disturbs the life of the individual.

Natural Herbal treatments:

A number of herbal treatments are available that help in the cure of anxiety disorders. Some of them include:

Aromatherapy: Very popular these days, aromatherapy is a safe herbal anxiety treatment. Essential oils of plants are used as oils for massages. Oils are added to water for baths which help to reduce tension in the nerves and provides a relaxed feeling. Cypress, jasmine, lavender, rose, bergamot, neroli, sandalwood are some of the commonly used aromatic oils. Out of these lavender is most commonly used which forms the base for making other blends of oils.

Passionflower: This is has been used as a remedy for insomnia and other anxiety and anxiety related health issues. Called the (Passiflora incarnate) it is highly effective. Even drugs like benzodiazepine are compared to the passionflower. There may be less drowsiness on the intake of this medicine but is not very significant. Rapid heartbeat, vomiting, nausea could be some of the side effects. It is advisable not to take it along with sedatives. It is best to take it under medical supervision and never as a self medication.

Valerian: This is a kind of herb that is best known for the cure of insomnia. Insomnia is basically suffering from sleeplessness. Known as Valeriana officinalis, patients with a mild form of anxiety are known to have been cured by it. This anxiety herbal treatment is taken before sleeping at night and it takes about three weeks to actually have the desired effect on the illness.

Headaches, mild indigestion, dizziness and palpitations could be some of the side effects, but its course has to be continued for at least two to three months on a continuously. Capsules of the valerian herb are available. Capsules of this herb medicine are available for those who do not like the smell of valerian.

Kava: This herb also known as piper methysticum has been a popular herbal anxiety treatment for curing anxiety problems in humans. No medical treatment should be taken without the advice of a medical practitioner, and so even if the herb is known to cure insomnia and other anxiety related issues, it should be taken under supervision. Potential risks of liver injury could result from the intake of kava, and so the right dose of the herb has to be taken only when prescribed by the right practitioner.

A proper diagnosis by the doctor dealing in herbal medicine helps to properly evaluate and decide the line of anxiety herbal treatment for the patient.

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