Natural Health Products Are Good For Your Pets

The average veterinarian visit can be quite expensive, especially if there are multiple pets in the home. While long-term and serious problems should be treated under veterinarian care, there are many alternative treatments, including herbal and natural pet products that can be administered at home to ease the symptoms of common problems. Using herbs to support animals’ entire systems can help strengthen their immune systems, extend their lives and make them less prone to developing degenerative diseases – and like human medications, natural products generally have fewer side effects.

Before administering any herbal or natural product, make sure that it is safe. Some plants are highly toxic, even lethal to animals. Just because a remedy is herbal, do not assume that it is safe. Dried herbs, tea, essential oils, powders or tinctures are usually all suitable and digestible. Fresh herbs, on the other hand, are not easily digestible due to the pet’s short digestive tract. Herbs for pets, like most medications, rarely have an immediate noticeable effect.

It is important to remember that, as with human patients, any animal could have an unexpected reaction to a natural remedy they take. To minimize such events, the animal should not be left alone right after a new medication is taken. If any unusual symptoms are observed, it is a good idea to discontinue the treatment immediately and contact a veterinarian.

Two problems pets and their owners commonly face are separation anxiety and fleas. Separation anxiety is most prevalent in house pets that sometimes have to be left alone. To ease their distress, a formulation containing valerian root, skullcap, oat flowers, passionflower and olive oil could be just the ticket.

For protection against fleas, there are several essential oils that are said to be natural flea repellents. There are collars that are made to be filled with essential oils such as feverfew flowers, mullein flowers, parsley, rosemary, yarrow flowers, eucalyptus and chrysanthemums. The herbs can also be dried into a powder that can be brushed into the fur. Another natural flea repellent is brewer’s yeast, which can be mixed with food. However, this results in your pet smelling like brewer’s yeast, so if that is offensive to you, as it is to fleas, perhaps this is not the best remedy to use in your household. The itchiness and redness of flea bites can also by soothed by chamomile and witch hazel.

For those seeking to treat pet problems naturally, when possible, there are natural products available to treat everything from gassiness to the loss of vigor from old age. Alternative treatments for common problems can be used at home to relieve symptoms, promote faster healing and encourage better overall health. However, it is never wise to discontinue medication prescribed by a veterinarian without consulting the doctor.

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