Nail Strengthener And Other Nail Saving Tips

Using a nail strengthener is only one precaution among many that can help save you from an embarrassing broken nail, that can easily tarnish your perfect manicure. Lets take a look at how you can keep those nails in perfect condition.

1. Avoid nail polish for a few weeks and instead concentrate on applying a high-quality nail renewal cream on them nightly, until they are significantly strengthened.

2. While this should go without saying: Absolutely avoid subjecting your nails to harsh chemicals of any kind and also avoid prolonged exposure to moisture (I.e., dish washing, swimming, bathing, etc.)

3. Be conscious of your finger nails. You did spend time or money making them look perfect, so be sure to use the pads of your fingers to pick things up and avoid scraping your nails on anything.

4. When in the office or at home, pens and pencils are great for dialing the phone or using the calculator. A nail strengthener can help make nails more resilient against breakage, but the telephone is a major culprit, next to a keyboard, which for some of you may be hard to avoid using (you can’t type very fast with a pencil.)

5. If you have to do dirty chores, without using gloves, you can purchase a barrier cream that mechanics use before getting their hands greasy. Slather it under your nails and around your nail bed to keep dirt and grime out.

6. Use rubber gloves whenever possible, for anything that is known to be tough on your fingernails.

7. Manicure and finish with a nail strengthener as often as possible. Avoid using files or the coarse portion of your emery board for maintenance manicures. Unless your shaping, coarse material can potentially tear your nails rather than smoothing them.

8. Don’t over-use acetone nail polish remover any more often than you have to. Also be careful with over-using formaldehyde based nail strengthener more than once per week. Both of these can cause more harm than good if you use them too often.

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