Nail Fungus Symptom: Knowing What To Expect

Do you have a nail fungus symptom? This isn’t a very easy question to answer. Some people may not recognize a developing fungal infection symptom for what it is. Others simply disregard changes that could point to a mild fungal infection. Unfortunately, not being aware of an infection could result in disastrous consequences.

The Symptoms

Initial infections are hard to detect. This is mainly because the first symptoms may seem mild and harmless. A nail fungal infection could begin as white dots on your nail. After some time, the dot may spread, your nail may begin to lose its normal shine and the nail may begin to thicken. The nail color too can change from white to yellow. Severe infections can result in nail color turning to brown or black. Debris may build up and flake. The nail will also eventually become brittle and ragged.

More Than Looks – The symptoms can move beyond the appearance. You may start to notice that your nails will begin to smell bad. You may also feel some pain especially if the nail begins to separate from the toe.

Symptoms Getting Worse

A nail fungus symptom could get worse under some circumstances. Symptoms however could also worsen even if you don’t do anything. In other words, you may not be doing anything at all. They may be getting worse on their own. This could be a problem for you because having nail fungus isn’t fun. You could quickly become a social outcast. You may have to think twice about wearing open shoes and going to the beach. Even if people do not know that you have nail fungus, the mere sight of your nails could scare them away.

Solutions That Don’t Work

Hiding your nails isn’t even a solution at all. It is all too common to try and wear brighter nail polish or wear tight shoes to mask the problem. These aren’t very good solutions though. Aside from not solving the deeper problem, these temporary solutions can also make your problem a lot worse. Fungi love moist and warm areas that are away from sunlight and air. This means wearing nail polish and tight shoes can only promote even more warmth and moisture.

Thus nail fungus affects toe nails. Finger nails may also suffer from nail fungus but not as much as toe nails. This is simply because we often keep our toes tightly wrapped or hidden.

Difficulty of Treatment

Treatment – Nail fungus is not easy to treat. Even effective remedies do not normally solve the problem of fungal infections immediately. This is mainly because treatment may not be very easy to administer underneath the nail where the infection is developing. The nail surface itself may limit the amount of treatment that can get in.

Natural Cure – This is the reason why some individuals opt for natural remedies. Artificial solutions may not work immediately and may even have some side effects. Although natural solutions may also take some time to work, you are at least assured that you only get nourishing effects.

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