When it comes to movies, 2009 was a pretty solid year. There were the blockbusters (Avatar, Transformers, Twilight), the surprise hit (The Hangover) and the feel good movie (The Blind Side). There was even a great horror movie in Paranormal Activity. But which were the best?

Here is a quick breakdown of my three favorite films of 2009.

When it comes movies about the Iraq War, nothing comes close to the Hurt Locker. Directed by Kathryn Bigelow, oddly enough the ex-wife of another director on my list, this movie offered an incredible look at one man’s story of bomb squad life in hostile territory. The cinematography in this movie was insanely good.

If you haven’t seen Avatar, you must be living under a rock. What an experience this movie is. James Cameron continues to push the boundaries of movies and showed u something we had never seen before with the world of Pandora.

People complained that the plot of Avatar was unoriginal, but that’s not the point of the movie. I was never bored for one second with this one.

Both the aforementioned movies were exceptional, but my favorite movie of the year goes to District 9.

If you didn’t see it, District 9 manages to combine the story of an alien invasion in South Africa with elements of the apartheid period. It is more than just a science fiction and action movie; it is a (somewhat) realistic take on how an alien invasion could play out.

With District 9, I was constantly being surprised. It was funny at times and it was crushing at others. You’re not sure who to root for and who is right at times. I think that is the point, and I can’t wait to see what director Neil Blompkamp will do next.

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