My Depression Is Thing Of The Past

The best Depression treatments are those that work. There is a wide variety of treatments for Depression and each has its own benefits and draw backs. Treatment of Depression is necessary because it is a serious illness. Without treatment it can only get worse not better.

Some of the common depression treatments used by many doctors today include psychotherapy as well as medications. However, the problem is that these treatments are not always helpful in the longer term. Sometimes they work for the short term, but long term the symptoms of depression may come back again.

What are the best depression treatments? Certainly not the anti depressants which are getting a bad press because of the health risks and side effects associated with them. We now know from a recent study by the Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) that older women who have been on these drugs (SSRIs) have a slightly higher risk of getting strokes.

Another frequently asked question is the role of depression in weakening a person’s immune system. How does this come about? We know that stress can cause us to be more susceptible to all sorts of ailments.Depression acts in a similar way and a depressed person is more likely to get colds, coughs and flu, for example. Whether depression does actually play a role in contracting a more serious disease such as cancer, has not yet been established. Every article you read on depression treatments will talk about alternative treatments such as exercise, diet, sleep, meditation, yoga and acupuncture, so I will not mention these again.

Pharmaceutical Treatments Anti-depressant medications are beneficial to Depression. They work on the chemicals in the brain either by changing levels of Serotonin and Norepinephrine or making them more bio-available. Anti-depressants come with some very serious side effects not the least of which is suicidal thinking and/or attempts. Suicidal thought seem to be more present in children 21 and under.

Keep in mind that usually natural treatments can also take care of the problem long term, instead of just covering it up, which means you can overcome depression and not worry about lapsing back into the same problem again.

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