Must You Purchase Purchase Building And Contents Insurance

There’s a good chance if you have a home that you already have homeowners insurance, but did you know that it may not cover new or existing outbuilding or any of the actual contents in your home. What this can mean to you is that should disaster strike, you could be in trouble unless you have building and contents insurance.

When you don’t have this kind of insurance, there are plenty of things that can happen that can devastate you not only on the financial level but also, emotionally. Contents and building insurance is to protect the things in your home and any outbuildings such as storage sheds, new garages, or other items. This means that if you have a fire and none of this type of insurance, all of the items besides the home structure can be lost with no insurance recourse.

Floods are another problems and this doesn’t mean just having a river or lake flood your home. It can mean water damage from burst pipes, a leaking ceiling or other water problem. Once again, without the proper insurance you may loose all the belongings damaged and not have the money to replace them.

Robbery is another instance, and the damage and loss without renter’s insurance, are all on you. This type of damage can also include damage from a wild party, and angry relative, broken water bed, and believe it or not, these things do happen and cause major damage to your possessions.

It’s not difficult to find and purchase home content insurance, you’ll just have to inventory the items you want covered and set a replacement value. This will usually include Computers, TV’s, Kitchen appliance, bedroom furnishings, living room furniture, perhaps jewelry, any antiques, and other types of personal effects that are expensive to replace. Don’t forget outdoor items as well, porches, storage buildings, decks, garages, lawnmowers, and any other item you have on your property that you cannot replace easily.

You spent time and money getting your living area the way you wanted it, and all of it can be expensive to replace should a disaster occur. The bad part is, without insurance you could be sleeping on the floor if you don’t have replacement money put away.

You’ll find building and contents insurance at just about any insurance carrier, and it doesn’t usually cost a lot either. Sleep with peace of mine, get renters insurance or other types of replacement insurance for your lifestyle.

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