Muscle Mass Gain: 10 Lbs IN 3 Days?

“Gain 10 pounds of muscle in 3 days” the large advert in that muscle building magazine promises you.

A model with massive muscles, grinning at you, and a couple of before and after pictures have you hooked.

Strategically placed phrases like “scientifically proven” and “the secret professionals use” will make you reach for your telephone and credit card.


Gaining 10 pounds of muscle in 3 days is impossible.

There, I’ve put the truth out there for you.

Unless some space-age surgical procedure can artificially graft on additional muscles, it just isn’t possible.

Don’t believe the ads; I don’t care what they promise you.

The supplement industry regularly commits a multi-billion dollar scam in the form of these ads, magazines, and websites.

This multi-billion dollar industry routinely puts out advertisements like this, accompanied by fake testimonials and flimsy research “proving” why their supplement is the best and telling you how it can help you gain 10 pounds of muscle over a short period of time.

Unfortunately, all of these claims are scams.

While there are definitely some effective supplements out there, even those can’t make you gain 10 pounds of muscle overnight.

The truth is that nothing can replace hard work in the gym, not even the best supplements.

You need utilize sound research, not phony testimonials, to decide if a supplement delivers, be it a promise to gain 10 pounds of muscle or burn fat at thrice the natural rate.

If such a supplement did exist, wouldn’t everyone know about it and trainers everywhere recommend it?

It is possible to gain 10 pounds of muscle, but not in 3 days.

Here’s how you can gain much more than 10 pounds of muscle: Go to the gym regularly, train all the parts of your body in a scientific manner, progressively overload your workouts, eat right, and get enough rest.

While not in the manner described in the ads, supplementation can also help you in your path.

Truthfully, only a handful of supplements out there can make you get better results.

When looking at these advertisements and testimonials, use common sense and take them with a pinch of salt, because most of the testimonials are inaccurate or scripted.

The “research” behind these claims, which “prove” how you can gain 10 pounds of muscle in a few days, is mostly faked or altered cleverly to lead you to believe that the tests were performed on humans.

In reality, though, the tests were probably performed on lab animals like rats and mice, and you can’t relate the data from this trumped-up research to humans.

Look for a reference from the research material, and cross check it on PubMed.

When you do, chances are that you’ll discover that the research just doesn’t exist, and if it does, it’s probably skewed.

If you want to naturally gain 10 pounds of muscle in the fastest possible way, I can tell you the honest truth about how.

Click the link below to know how.

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