Mesa is a suburban city in Arizona and is the third largest one in the United States of America. When desirable cities in Arizona are mentioned, you will often hear the name of this Maricopa County community.

There are over 147,000 households within Mesa, and of these, 35% include parents and children living together. Approximately 10% of all homes in Mesa are inhabited by senior citizens. Thus, there is a very heterogeneous demographic behavior in the city. A community award was even presented to the “Marlborough Mesa.” The areas in which many homes are for sale in Mesa, Arizona are Fountain of the Sun, Red Mountain Ranch, Estate Grove Valencia Est, and United Amigos.

Listing prices for homes in these areas range from around $72,000 to almost $1 million dollars. The highest average listing price has recently crept down 0.7%.

In mesa, there are approximately 129 schools, which indicates the high value placed upon education. The current average price of real estate in Mesa, AZ is $195 for every square foot. This is an 83% increase over the average cost just one year ago.

Buyers interested in moving into Mesa may also look beyond new homes to find 2,825 resale homes and 5,698 pre-foreclosure houses, in bank-owned stages or for auction. The median sales prices for Mesa have gone down by 16.5% or $132,000 according to the latest updates.

When compared to other cities in Arizona, Mesa stands out with its superior offerings in areas such as education and entertainment. The transportation network in the city is quite well developed. Metro Rails, buses and the Superstition Freeway are just three ways that commuting is made easy.

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