It is tough to bear that your loved one has died and will no longer be with you. Always, there is nothing that can replace the shared memories or the part that a departed loved one played in your life.

As the days pass after your loved one has already been laid to rest, you gather up the fragmented pieces of your life. You mourn your loss – a wonderful person who was once a vital aspect of your being is already gone.

A person who has lost someone very close to him or her have the tendency be fully consumed with grief. One of the ways to deal with the sorrow caused by this loss is to take action. Taking action can allow the grieving person to honor the life of the departed and celebrate and treasure it.

To remember a departed loved one’s life with a memorial is one action that allows you to face your grief. Every culture has a way of creating tribute to the dead. It offers those who are sorrowing a source of solace, support and comfort.

Some ways of commemorating the life of the departed loved one is the tombstone, particularly carved with a special message from you; art pieces or music personally composed by you can add an endearing touch to your commemoration; or you and your friends could get together and simply remember the life of the one who passed away, weeping and laughing as you remember the life of the one who passed away.

Dealing with the grief caused by the death of a beloved is a very personal matter. Never hurry yourself to “get over” the death of a loved one; you should permit yourself a period of time to confront the grief that you experience. If you are artistically willing, painting, writing poems or stories, or composing your own music at this moment could help you deal with the grief about the death of a beloved.

At this time of sorrow and bereavement, it is helpful to have friends and family members nearby who are sensitive with what you are going through and can give their gentle support.

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