Moving Boxes: 3 Things To Look For

Sure, any box can be a moving box, but are your boxes reliable? Believe it or not, having the right kind of box is going to be the difference between a smooth move and a hectic one. Not having the right box can result in boxes giving out and breaking your belongings. Not having the right box can also mean that you’re not packing everything you could inside of one box. That can actually increase your moving costs if you’re using a moving service that charges by the hour, by the day, or by the truckload. More boxes mean more time and more space, so you want to make sure you plan this out right.

The supermarket box

Many individuals call their local supermarket and ask them if they can put boxes aside for them because they are moving. What happens is the mover finds that there are more little boxes than big boxes when they pick them up. Another thing to consider is the fact that all of these boxes have been used to ship items before and have now been broken down. This means you have to tape them back together over top of the old tape that was cut through when the employees were breaking them down. This can actually interfere with how well the bottom of the box comes together when you are taping it back together.

Supermarket boxes also consist of cardboard durability that can vary. It can be somewhat hard to determine how much weight a box can actually hold and, with all of the small boxes, you’re risking having to make more trips while you move.

The moving box

Moving supply stores sell moving boxes that are meant just for moving. They are durable so that your belongings are protected and they come in the sizes you need. You do have the option to choose from new boxes or used moving boxes. Used boxes are going to be cheaper, of course. However, you have to ask yourself if you want boxes someone else has used before. If you don’t have a problem with that, then you can go for the used box.

Here are three things you want to look for in a moving box:

The size: You may need different sizes for different things. If you have fragile items, you don’t want to stack too many of them on top of each other. However, books and other unbreakable items can be stacked until a comfortable weight is reached within the box.

Weight: It is important that you evaluate the weight that the box is capable of holding. This is something a supermarket box won’t tell you. You are safer knowing the weight because you then know how much you can put inside the box.

Type: There are different types of boxes such as dish boxes and wardrobe boxes. These boxes are specially designed to better protect your belongings. By moving items in boxes that are especially made for those items, you are reducing the chances of damage.

What to do?

It is up to you as to what boxes you want to use, but know that the moving box is going to give you the security you need when looking for moving boxes and moving supplies. Sometimes it’s not worth taking the risk and hoping that a box won’t break. Sometimes hoping that a box that is destined to break won’t break isn’t going to do much good. But having a box that is designed for what you’re using it for and even comes with usage instructions to ensure the utmost safety of your items is worth the cost.

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