Movie Review: Prince Of Persia -The Sands Of Time

Starring Jake Gyllenhaal as Prince Dastan, Gemma Arterton as Princess Tamina and Ben Kingsley as Nizam this movie is based on the 2003 video game of the same name. It was also directed by Mike Newell, produced by Jerry Bruckheimer and distributed by Walt Disney Pictures.

I was a little unsure about Jake playing a macho character though. You know, cause of the whole Brokeback Mountain thing. He actually does bare a resemblance the Video Game character however and has a “Persian-ish” kind of look so maybe it was a good choice. Well as it turns out he didn’t do such a bad job.

Ben Kingsley is making a bit of a come back and after “A Sound of Thunder” I’m sure he’s glad he still gets decent parts in movies. Gemma Arterton as Princess Tamina plays a very good heroine and I predict bigger and better things for her in the future. She’s really cute.

If I didn’t know anything about who distributed and produced it I would still say Disney and Bruckheimer five minutes into the movie. This film is precisely what you think it’ll be. It was funny, action packed and cheesy in just the right amount to make it so very Disney. The general plot of the movie is that a mystical dagger that contains the sands of time has the power to turn back time. No Delorean, no 1.21 gigawatts, no 88 MPH. Doc brown didn’t need all that apparently. [youtube:Ln8lzV7lIgI;Prince of Persia Movie Preview;]

Like most time travel movies though you some how know, especially since its Disney, that if any of the lead characters die, they might just come back to life through some clever time travel. I mean it’s Disney. Happy endings are a must. None of that bad guys get away with it at the end kind of stuff. So thus you might be able to guess the ending once you find out what exactly it is the bad guys in this film have planned.

The bad guys in this case are the Hassansins. I know what you’re thinking. Isn’t that just assasins with a H? I actually thought it was Hollywood playing on stereotypes again. Like take a middle eastern sounding name like Hassan mix it with a scary proffession like assasins and you get Hassansins! Like Mustafa + Savages= Mustavages, or Anwar + Warriors = Anwarriors or Ali + Gangster = uh? Ali G? Oh I lost it on the last one. Thats what I thought it was. Lets face it, it wouldn’t be the first time right? It turns out however that “Hashshashins” were the Persian designation of the Nizari branch of the Ismaili Shia Muslims during the Middle Ages and is believed from which the word assassin originated from. So um My bad.

Thought that little piece of information was worth mentioning. It does its job as an entertaining action adventure. I would watch it again and that doesn’t happen for many movies. It will please most of the fans of the video game i’m sure.

My movie review, rating 4/5

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