The season changes so why not your get-up. There are a lot of things you can do to maintain that usual look of yours in monsoon also. Here is a quick briefing on how to keep your skin glowing even when it’s pouring outside.

Cosmetics are widely used not only by females but by males too. One should begin with his face, unless the skin is too dry there is no need of you using a moisturizer. The main thing that many experience is that the skin becomes oily at times. Using an Aloe-Vera or Neem based face wash helps a lot to keep your face oil free and also it keeps it adequately moistened.

If you are usually out with your make up on, then shifting to oil based make-up is a need. Because water based make up/ cosmetic tend to get dull with passing hours of the day. Barring these few things you don’t need to take much care of your face as monsoon is a nourishing period for skin and it keeps your skin tender all day long.

The clothing in monsoon should usually include use of dark colours. Your body requires adequate heat to maintain your body temperature and fight the cool climate. The dark colours have a tendency to attract heat from surrounding, thus, making it comfortable for you.

It is more preferable not to use denims in monsoon as it takes a lot of pain to wash them cleanly and after that dry it. So using clothes of synthetic fabric is always good. Because the synthetic fabric dries up in no time and also it requires less of ironing or none many a times.

Wearing a Tee Shirt over a 3/4th pant is the popular trend that could be seen being followed these days. When it comes to accessories one has to be most careful when you are choosing your monsoon accessories.

Your skin is tender in these days. So there are possibilities that you might get minor cuts and scratches even from a usual plastic bracelet. So, wearing something that is with no sharp edges is always safe.

Many of the watch brands brag about their product being waterproof. But it depends upon the dimensions that watch has in it. It’s like if it says 10m water resistant then it cannot be taken out in the rains. But something above 100mm is a definite yes.

After checking out onto these very basic things you are all ready to go out and make some hay even when the sun is not shinning.

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